NOW Inc engages in various arm of business each solving a key issue in the social economy and bringing cutting edge innovation and creative strategy to global and local brands across a wide spectrum of industries.



Growing and nurturing innovation in technology and design are key aspects of the NOW Inc operations, we have adopted a 4 Phase methodology coupled with the best investment strategy powered by market experienced professionals.


Software & Hardware Development

Applying the best technology resources and personnel to projects, NOW Inc. sets her projects and products apart through humanised User interface and experience and creates cutting edge solutions through modern breakthrough technology.


Design & Creative Consultancy

Design thinking and application is the soul and backbone of our process, with our versatile team of creatives with collective experience of over 10 years across a broad framework of design methodology. We look into the project from multiple angles (the client, the consumer & market) to create well rounded design initiatives.


Campaign & Strategy

Taking your business from point A to B and over to Z is key area of our expertise, understanding your business from within from brand to product to client and consumer is how we develop cutting edge strategy to set your apart from any competition playing within that market space. Our team has gathered vast experience in research and application of it from across the world growing brands and company market share.